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These resources will equip you with the tools, strategies, and knowledge to supercharge growth, marketing, engagement and monetization, while still remaining genuine and providing value to your members. Use these articles and free resources to guide your learning.

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From trends to industry developments and generally important insights from the Facebook world, these are our articles for understanding Facebook / Groups.

Introduction to Facebook groups

The history of Facebook Groups

Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups

Features announced at the 2020 Communities Summit


All the resources you need for starting a Facebook group are included below. These articles will allow you to optimize your group for success, from the very beginning.

How to create a Facebook Group

Facebook Group types: what they are, how they differ, and how to change them

Choosing the right Facebook Group Name

How to create a custom URL for your Facebook Group

Facebook Group cover: Photo size and how to make one


These resources will supercharge your group’s growth. Our proven strategies can be applied to existing groups, or from the very beginning for newly launched groups.

Group Leads Review

Everything You Need to Know About Secret Facebook Groups (Visible vs Hidden)

How to run a successful contest on Facebook

The largest and most popular Facebook Groups

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