All our Facebook Group expertise and knowledge

We publish expert content on starting, growing, managing, engaging and monetizing Facebook groups for business. In this page, we have collected all our articles to guide your learning. Use this as our repository of all the expert Facebook Group knowledge.

Wondering where to start with creating your group? We have you sorted!

Understanding Facebook

We sometimes write about trends, industry developments and generally important insights from the Facebook world. In this section, you can find our articles of this kind.

Facebook Groups turned 10 in October 2020 and at the annual Community Summit, we learned all about the latest feature announcements coming to Facebook Groups.

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Create your Facebook group

All the resources for starting a Facebook group are included below. Don’t forget to have a look at our eBook Create & Grow Your Group.

  • Introduction to Facebook groups: what are they, how they can benefit companies, how they stack up against pages and types of groups. Your starting point to understand if you should start a Facebook Group.
  • Oftentimes we see group members and users confuse Facebook Pages with Facebook Groups. In this article we will clearly differentiate the two, compare the features available in both and explore why and when you should start either for your business.
  • Understand the types of Facebook groups, how they differentiate from each other, unique features and which one is the right one for you.
  • Picking the right Facebook Group name may seem unimportant but is critical to your group’s success. In this article, we walk you through why it matters and how to select the right one for you.
  • Like the name, a Facebook Group’s cover photo is equally if not more important, learn how to create a beautiful, impactful and useful group cover image that converts and attracts the right members to your group.

Grow your Facebook group

We are experts in starting and growing groups in various niches. Below are our published expert advise to help you supercharge and explode your group’s growth.

  • Group Leads review: our secret weapon to efficiently and effectively manage our groups and ensure we collect email leads. Group Leads is an automation tool to manage membership requests and new members welcome which eliminates the need to copy paste. You can collect all the details of your new members into a spreadsheet and transfer this to your favorite email marketing tool or CRM.
  • How to run a successful contest on Facebook, all our tips and advice from running contests for years, including inspiration and ideas, Facebook contest rules you need to follow, key success factors and a detailed process to launch yours.
  • Ever wondered what the largest and most popular Facebook Groups are? We put together a list that you can use for inspiration, learnings and benchmarking purposes.

Tools and expertise to grow a Facebook group are also explored in detail in our Create & Grow Your Group eBook.

Manage and engage your Facebook group

In this section we have include all our tools and expertise to help you manage and moderate a Facebook group while keeping it engaged.

  • Streamyard review: live streaming tool that allows you to go live in groups, pages and other online destinations. Live videos are an incredible tool to keep your group engaged and Streamyard is the tool we use and recommend. It allows you to have guests come live with you, share screen, brand your video and add other interactive elements.
  • Efficiently and effectively moderate your group with one of the most useful group features: Facebook Group rules. Learn what they are, how to set them up and why you need them. We have also included a list of best practice rules you can reuse or adapt to your group’s needs.

Monetize a Facebook group

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